Case Study 10

Overall results


increase in organic traffic

keywords in TOP 1-3 positions

Project Overview

European e-commerce company specializing in selling smart garage door openers and smart opener accessories. 

* The client asked to remain anonymous as worried that disclosing details could lead to his SEO strategy being stolen by competitors. At VW, we put the customer first – so this case study will be told without mentioning the name of the company.

The Challenges

Every e-commerce company wants to increase sales, and our client was no exception. His main concern was to increase sales by increasing organic traffic. However, achieving this goal presented several challenges.

To kick off SEO works, we first figured out which issues stunted the project’s growth. These issues included:

  • Lack of proper optimization of website pages for relevant keywords related to the project;
  • Presence of numerous autogenerated pages on the website, which posed a great risk for the site to fall under the Google Panda penalty. 

However, despite the fact that most of the pages on the website were autogenerated, some of them were driving traffic to the website. This made our mission even more challenging. After all, we needed to optimize the website in a way that preserved the traffic generated by the autogenerated pages while avoiding the risk of incurring a Google Panda penalty. 

Our Solution

After conducting a thorough analysis of the current SEO situation, we developed an SEO strategy and got to work. 

First of all, we did comprehensive keyword research and grouped the keywords into relevant categories. After discussing the keywords with the client, we identified which ones were a priority and where we should focus our efforts first.

Once the keyword groups were identified, we began with the initial technical on-site works. We have completed work according to our checklist, analyzed the website structure and optimized existing pages for their respective keyword groups. 

Simultaneously, we did some work on autogenerated pages to reduce the risk of being penalized by Google. We carefully evaluated each page and identified those that brought the most traffic to the website and optimized them. Other pages that could harm the website’s overall search engine visibility and potentially be penalized, we closed for indexing. 

And last but not least, we focused on building a strong backlink profile. Every month, we built high-quality backlinks and kept an eye on the website’s backlink profile. 

As the client works in a highly competitive niche, there were a lot of competitors who wanted to undermine his credibility. Occasionally, we found cases where low-quality backlinks and links from broken websites were being built for our client’s website. Fortunately, we were able to detect and disavow such harmful links in time to protect the project from potential negative factors.  

Such a comprehensive approach has yielded significant results. However, we don’t rest on our laurels! We continue to optimize the website, create new landing pages for remaining keyword groups, and build high-quality backlinks to enhance the website’s authority. 

The Results

Started SEO works in July 2022, we saw organic traffic growth quite quickly. We could elaborate on the numerous positive results we have achieved since then. However, we have chosen to focus on the most recent data available. 

Specifically, we have compared the results of February 2023 with those of February 2022, in order to give you a clear understanding of the progress made by our SEO strategy. 

So, according to GA, organic traffic has increased by 263%. In February 2023, the number of users has grown to an impressive 18066, compared to 4968 in February 2022. 

When discussing our keyword positions, it’s worth highlighting that Ahrefs statistics reveal our success in securing notable rankings on Google search results. Our achievements in this area are as follows:

  • 401 keywords achieved TOP 1-3 positions on Google; 
  • 1221 keywords achieved TOP 4 -10 positions on Google;
  • 9214 keywords achieved TOP 11-100 positions on Google.

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