Case Study 11

Overall results


increase in conversions


decrease in CPA

Project Overview

Australian-based waste management company.

* This case study will be presented while maintaining the confidentiality of our client’s identity due to our partnership under an NDA.

The Challenges

Prior to partnering with Visible Webs, the company didn’t use any digital marketing channels. Operating in a highly specialized niche, they were uncertain about integrating digital marketing channels into their existing market expansion strategy. This uncertainty led them to seek our assistance.

After a thorough discussion of the client’s needs, we set a clear goal and identified the challenges ahead.

Our main goal was to establish a strong digital presence for the company in the Australian market and tackle the challenges faced by the client, including:

  • identifying the most suitable digital marketing channels;
  • creating well-structured and impactful campaigns;
  • developing an effective digital lead generation strategy.

Our Solution

The initial step we took was to provide a comprehensive analysis. We analyzed the current competition and suggested Google search ads as the main channel for lead generation. The initial approach was to create a simple conversion-optimized website and engage Google search ads and social media ads to identify the best CPA strategy. 

The initial launch showed that we needed to focus more on building out the whole funnel and further optimization of the campaigns. Within the first 2 months, the cost per lead leveled at $220 but gave us a lot of data and understanding of user experience. 

After a few months of optimization, Google ads proved to be the most effective channel, and all marketing efforts were focused on it. We reached 100 leads per month with a CPA under $50. 

With the optimized structure, well-written ad copies, and correct marketing attribution in place, the client decided to invest further in Google ads, with the current budgets reaching almost $20,000 per month. 

With the increase of the budget and a more complex campaign structure, we implemented more sophisticated reporting and data analysis to improve not only the lead generation but also the quality of leads (which came under increased cost per lead). 

Currently, the company does $200,000+ in revenue per month through the digital channels, and with a 10+ to 1 return on ad spend, plans to continue growing the digital channels. 

The Results

Our comprehensive approach and diligent efforts have yielded great results and led to long-term cooperation. According to the latest statistics, our first year of cooperation has been fruitful, with the following results: 

  • Conversions experienced a staggering 626% increase, jumping from 19 per month in June 2022 to an impressive 138 per month in May 2023;
  • Cost per conversion decreased by an impressive 42%, from $228 per conversion in June 2022 to just $133 per conversion in May 2023.
  • The conversion rate has witnessed a remarkable surge, soaring from 1.39% in June 2022 to an exceptional 5.93% in May 2023. 

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