Case Study 12

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SEO case study - UK natural deodorants ecommerce

Project Overview

UK-based e-commerce company specializing in selling natural deodorants and accessories.  

* Concerned about protecting his SEO strategy from competitors, the client chose to remain anonymous. At VW, our top priority is putting the customer first, so this case study won’t mention the company’s name.

The Challenges

Every client wants to see his website at the TOP of the SERPs, and this client was no exception. He recognized that achieving higher rankings would lead to a significant increase in organic traffic and sales. Consequently, he sought our expertise to accomplish two crucial objectives:

  • increase keyword rankings;
  • boost organic traffic.

Our Solution

To achieve the client’s goals and bring his website to the top of the SERPs, we developed a comprehensive SEO strategy. 

Our approach focused on ongoing on-page and off-page optimization efforts, coupled with personalized tasks tailored to the client’s specific needs. Here are the key elements of our solution: 

  • Monthly on-page optimization: Each month, we performed a series of on-page optimizations to improve the website’s meta tags, keyword placement, content relevance, and more; 
  • Monthly off-page optimization: Our comprehensive strategy included a variety of off-page optimization techniques. We conducted a strategic and consistent link building campaign, acquiring high-quality backlinks from authoritative websites within the client’s industry;
  • Monthly technical SEO works: Regular website audits were carried out to identify and resolve any underlying technical issues that might hinder the website’s performance and search engine visibility. By optimizing the website’s loading speed and fixing any broken links or crawl errors, we ensured the website’s technical foundation was robust, offering a seamless user experience and positive signals to search engines;
  • Customized tasks: Recognizing that each client’s needs may differ, we remained flexible in our approach. Whenever necessary, we integrated customized tasks tailored to the specific challenges and opportunities presented by the client’s industry.

Ultimately, such a comprehensive approach enabled us to achieve the client’s desired results.

The Results

Started SEO works in November 2021 we didn’t expect to see quick results. The niche was very competitive and we needed some time to achieve the goals. But looking at where we are now and seeing the results of our ongoing cooperation, we can confidently say that our SEO strategy has proven effective.

According to Ahrefs statistics, organic traffic has increased by 560%, from 687 users in November 2021 to an impressive 4533 users in July 2023.

In terms of rankings, we were able to significantly increase search visibility from a mere 0.2% to a solid 17.5%, while improving the website’s average position from 87 to 50. 

In addition, our efforts have yielded results in terms of keyword growth. Here are more detailed statistics:

  • 4 keywords achieved TOP 1 positions on Google;
  • 13 keywords achieved TOP 3 positions on Google;
  • 20 keywords achieved TOP 5 positions on Google;
  • 41 keywords achieved TOP 10 positions on Google;
  • 92 keywords achieved TOP 30 positions on Google.

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