Case Study 2

Overall results


 214% increase in conversions


125% increase in phone calls

Case Study 2

Project Overview

Texas-based law-related company specializing in legal document delivery, document filings, and more. The company is one of the most trusted names within the Texas legal community and provides services for Fortune 500 law firms as well as individual law companies and insurance providers.

* As this company works in an extremely competitive niche, the client asked to remain anonymous, as he is worried that disclosing details could lead to his PPC strategy being stolen by competitors. At VW, we put the customer first – so this case study will be told without mentioning the name of the company.

The Challenges

It was the first time the company decided to give a paid search a try. Despite being new to the world of PPC, our client knew what kind of outcomes he was expecting. To successfully cover all his needs, we were assigned the following tasks:  

  • increase the number of leads with a CPA of no more than $100;
  • get the leading position within the Texas market;
  • increase brand awareness within the US.

Our Solution

PPC campaigns creation by VW starts with interviewing the client. By conducting it, we found out which services were the most valuable for the client and what he wanted us to focus on. Having clarified all the details, we started the work.

First, we did comprehensive keyword research and competitor analysis. After that, we built the strategy that would be the most suitable for the project. Here is a quick overview of it:

  • to increase the number of leads, we launched several search campaigns with keywords related to client’s services and started working with customer retention via launching display remarketing campaigns;
  • to increase brand awareness, we launched a search campaign with brand keywords and additionally launched a smart display campaign.

After launching campaigns, we closely monitored and optimized them to get better results. By testing automated bidding strategies, improving keyword targeting, adjusting location, demographic, device and other types of targeting, improving ad copies and testing different banners, we got results that have even exceeded the client’s expectations.

Overall Results

The Results

With a comprehensive approach, the results were not long in coming. Within the initial launch of the Google Ads campaigns, we got 14 leads for $122/lead. In 6 months, after the months of performance optimization, we got 44 leads for $56.24/lead. We found a way to decrease CPA by 54%, and increase conversions by 214%, and phone calls by 125%. 

However, these are not all the results our client got. By monitoring the competitors, we found that some of them used a “request a call” pop-up. We recommended adding the same pop-up to the client’s website. After adding it, our client started to get additional qualified leads. 

Finally, the paid search had a secondary effect on other traffic channels. It became one of the major assisting channels in the conversion path. According to statistics, in 6 months, the paid search brought the client approximately 41% of all assisted conversions. 

* Assisted conversions are conversions for which this channel appeared on the conversion path, but was not the final conversion interaction.

Assisted Conversions

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