Case Study 3

Overall results


128% increase in revenue


107% increase in conversions


87% increase in ROAS

Case Study 3

Project Overview

The client is an American law-related company that provides military verification service and a variety of affidavits.

* As this client works in a highly competitive niche, his request was to remain anonymous as he is worried that disclosing details could lead to his PPC strategy being stolen by competitors. At VW, we always put the customer first – so this case study will be told without mentioning the name of the company.

The Challenges

Before participating with VW, the client had worked with another agency and ran PPC campaigns. However, the advertising didn’t bring the expected results, so the client decided to change PPC specialists and give us a try. 

We were assigned several tasks: increase online presence through Google/Bing Ads and have that translated into sales and revenue. However, the most important task was to bring a positive ROI. 

Our Solution

As the client had previously run Google/Bing Ads campaigns, we started with audits. By auditing both accounts, we identified what was and wasn’t working. Based on the insights we got, we have developed new strategies for Google and Bing. 

In this case study, we are going to showcase our solutions for Google Ads. However, if you want to see which strategy we used for Bing Ads, follow the link.

By auditing Google Ads campaigns, we figured out that campaigns were bringing quite good results. However, some issues negatively affected the advertising performance. 

The first issue was poorly structured search campaigns. Due to keyword dumping, search campaigns weren’t working at full capacity. The second issue was that there were no remarketing campaigns. It means that the client didn’t work with customer retention and missed one of the crucial steps in the marketing funnel. 

As you can see, there were a lot of tasks we had to do to improve Google Ads performance. And we did our best to bring success to Google advertising. 

We have developed a new strategy and taken the following steps: 

  • Restructured search campaigns;
  • Launched display remarketing campaign;
  • Launched a video remarketing campaign.

After restructuring/launching new campaigns, we monitored and optimized them to maximize their effectiveness. We tested new keywords, ad copies, extensions, banners, videos, adjusted audience, demographic, location and other types of targeting. And taking this set of actions enabled us to see results in no time. 

The Results

Just 3 months after the search campaigns restructuring and new remarketing campaigns launch, we got results that satisfied the client. ROAS increased from 451% to 538% and revenue doubled from $7.4K to $16.9K. By increasing the advertising budget we scaled the campaigns and increased the number of conversions from 224 to 465. 


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