Case Study 4

Overall results


418% increase in organic traffic


317% increase in transactions


329% increase in revenue

Case Study

Project Overview

Australian-based e-commerce company specializing in selling high-quality hoverboards, accessories and related products on the market. 

* The client asked to remain anonymous as worried that disclosing details could lead to his SEO strategy being stolen by competitors. At VW, we put the customer first – so this case study will be told without mentioning the name of the company.

The Challenges

The main goal of each e-commerce business is to get as many sales as possible. And as a bright representative of e-commerce, our client had the same goal – increase sales via organic search. 

In order to achieve this goal, we were assigned the next tasks: 

  • increase rankings for the most important keywords in the client’s business niche
  • boost organic traffic

Our Solution

SEO campaign development by VW starts with interviewing the client. By conducting it, we found out the main pain points of the client and discussed the keywords on which the client wanted to focus on. Having clarified all the details, we started the work.

First of all, we took care of on-page SEO optimization and conducted initial onsite SEO works that involved the optimization of website pages, title tags, meta descriptions, H1-H6 tags, and other tasks. 

After that, we started the work on off-page SEO optimization in order to improve site authority. Off-page SEO optimization consisted of multi-method linkbuilding campaign. 

Such a comprehensive approach allowed us to achieve great results in no time. 

The Results

Started working in mid-October 2022, we saw great results just in 3 months. 

According to GA, organic traffic has increased by 418% from 476 to 2469 users in comparison with the previous period. Transactions have increased by 317% from 34 to 142. And the most important metric, revenue has increased by 329%. 

According to rankings, we have increased search visibility from 0 to 59%. Moreover, we have seen positive results in keyword growth. Within the first 3 months we achieved the next results: 

  • 2 of all targeted keywords achieved page 1 rankings on Google;
  • 8 keywords achieved TOP 3 positions on Google;
  • 20 keywords achieved TOP 5 positions on Google;
  • 25 keywords achieved TOP 10 positions on Google;
  • 11 keywords achieved TOP 30 positions on Google.
Search Visibility

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