Case Study 6

Overall results


110% increase in organic traffic

58 keywords in TOP 1-3 positions

Project Overview

American-based e-commerce company specializing in selling natural female supplements.

* As this client works in a highly competitive niche, his request was to remain anonymous as he is worried that disclosing details could lead to his SEO strategy being stolen by competitors. At VW, we always put the customer first – so this case study will be presented without mentioning the client’s name.

The Challenges

As one of the representatives of e-commerce companies, our client had a clear goal: to increase sales by attracting more organic traffic to the website. 

Before enrolling with VW for an ongoing SEO campaign, the majority of sales on the website were generated through branded traffic. However, the client realized the necessity of implementing an SEO strategy that could increase non-branded traffic, and, consequently, lead to more sales. That is why he decided to give us a try.

Furthermore, the client had many categories of supplements on the website. However, he didn’t want to promote all of them. He wanted to focus on one specific type. 

Thus, we were assigned the task to increase non-branded traffic while focusing on the selected product type. 

Our Solution

To achieve the client’s goal of increasing non-branded traffic, we developed a comprehensive SEO strategy that focused on optimizing the website’s content, building high-quality backlinks and much more.

Our strategy included the following:

  • On-site optimization: we optimized title tags, meta descriptions, headings and subheadings, wrote keyword-reached content for collection pages and did everything we could to increase the website’s visibility;
  • Blog posts: we created a strategy on how to attract/increase info traffic to the website by writing blog posts;
  • Silo structure: we improved the silo structure;
  • Linkbuilding: we developed a linkbuilding strategy to acquire high-quality backlinks from authoritative websites. This helped to increase the website’s domain authority and improve its rankings;
  • Technical SEO: we conducted some technical SEO works and increased Ahrefs health score. 

After implementing the strategy, it didn’t take long for the results to kick in. The website started to receive more organic traffic. And now we can say with confidence that we have developed an effective SEO strategy that helped the client achieve his objectives. 

The Results

Launching an SEO campaign at the beginning of October 2022, we saw an increase in organic traffic over the next six months.

According to GA, organic traffic has increased by 110% from 3965 to 8355 users. 

In addition, our SEO efforts led to 58 keywords ranking in TOP 1-3 positions while 435 keywords reached TOP 4-10 positions.

Finally, it should also be noted that our efforts have resulted in achieving the top positions for the keywords that our client prioritized. 

Initially, when we started SEO works, the website was displayed on the 3rd and 4th pages of SERPs. Currently, the website is displayed on the first page of SERPs and ranks in the top 5 for the specific group of keywords targeted by the client.

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