Case Study 8

Overall results


288% increase in conversions


216% increase in sales


192% increase in ROAS

Project Overview

American-based e-commerce company specializing in selling upper-market cosmetic products.

* Since this client operates in an intensely competitive field, the client expressed a desire for anonymity due to concerns that sharing specific information could result in competitors stealing their PPC strategy. At VW, the customer is always our priority, thus this case study will be presented without mentioning the company’s name.

The Challenges

Prior to working with VW, the client ran PPC campaigns on his own. However, the results of the advertising efforts fell short of his expectations. And the client decided to rely on experienced PPC specialists.

In order to achieve the desired results, the client turned to our agency and entrusted us with the task of revitalizing his advertising strategy, intending to have at least 200% ROAS.


Our Solution

As the client had previously run Google Ads campaigns, we started with a comprehensive audit. After analyzing the campaigns and researching the niche, we developed a well-defined strategy and proceeded to launch the following campaigns: 

  • Branded search campaign;
  • Search campaigns for each product;
  • Shopping campaign;
  • Performance Max campaign. 

Once the campaigns were launched, we closely monitored their performance and continuously optimized them to maximize effectiveness. This involved testing different ad copies, pausing ineffective keywords and ad groups, experimenting with diverse banners, optimizing the campaigns, and doing everything possible to achieve desired results. 

Additionally, we ran promotional search and shopping campaigns that were specifically tailored for holiday periods. By capitalizing on the festive spirit and aligning our campaigns with seasonal demand, we aimed to drive increased engagement, conversions, and overall success for the client’s business.

The Results

Our comprehensive approach and diligent efforts have yielded great results with significant growth and improvement in key metrics. In just three months, we achieved the following:

  • Conversions increased by 288%, soaring from 40 per month in December to an impressive 155 per month in March;
  • Sales experienced a remarkable escalation of 216%, soaring from $2000 per month in December to an impressive $6400 per month in March;
  • ROAS witnessed a substantial increase, rising from 174% in December to a remarkable 366% in March.

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