Case Study 9

Overall results

Increase in organic traffic up to 771 users from scratch

13 keywords in TOP 1-3 positions

72 keywords in TOP 4-10 positions

Project Overview

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* As this client works in a highly competitive niche, his request was to remain anonymous as he is worried that disclosing details could lead to his SEO strategy being stolen by competitors. At VW, we always put the customer first – so this case study will be told without mentioning the client’s name.

The Challenges

Before partnering with VW, the client didn’t use SEO as a part of his digital marketing strategy. All of his website’s traffic was generated through the PPC channel.

However, the client understood that SEO could be a much more effective channel and could bring long-term benefits to him. That’s why he decided to give us a try and assign us a task to develop and implement an effective SEO strategy that could boost the website’s organic traffic.

Our Solution

Since there were no statistics about SEO, we started our work with the niche analysis. To better understand such a complicated niche, we did comprehensive keyword research and analyzed the competitors. 

Based on the findings, we identified high-potential keywords that we believed could achieve top positions on Google. And after discussing and agreeing on the keywords with the client, we started to develop an SEO strategy. 

Our SEO strategy included the following steps:

  • On-site optimization: we optimized title tags, meta descriptions and headings;
  • Technical SEO: we performed some technical SEO work like speed optimization to optimize the website for search engines; that the website was crawlable and had no technical issues; 
  • Link building: we built high-quality backlinks to improve the website’s authority and rankings in search results;
  • Work with keywords: we tried to optimize the content on the service pages with selected keywords. However, it didn’t work because most of the keywords had info intent. After that, we decided to create info pages and such a decision led us to success;
  • Work with featured snippets: we tried to get FS for info pages and got succeeded in it. We got up to 10 featured snippets which helped the website gain more organic traffic.

By implementing the above steps, we were able to increase organic traffic and take the website’s visibility to the next level.

The Results

As the niche was very competitive, it took some time to see results. However, we can say with confidence that our SEO strategy was successful and helped the client achieve his goals.

At the beginning of the project, there was no organic traffic. However, now everything has changed. According to Ahrefs statistics, from the period from April 2020 to April 2023, organic traffic has increased from 0 to 771 users. 

Moreover, search visibility has increased significantly. According to SE Ranking statistics, search visibility has increased from 0 to 3.2. 

And last but not least achievement is TOP positions on Google. Here are more detailed statistics: 

  • 13 keywords achieved TOP 1-3 positions on Google;
  • 72 keywords achieved TOP 4-10 positions on Google;
  • 131 keywords achieved TOP 11-20 positions on Google.

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