How to Share GSC?

Google Search Console provides key information to website owners. The data gathered there can show you how well your site is performing. With this vital info, you and your consultant or agency can formulate plans to boost your web presence and performance.

Why Do You Need to Share GSC?

Running a business and a website at the same time is a handful. Other professionals are definitely required to oversee the different aspects to keep everything operating smoothly. Each person would require certain data and account permissions in GSC so they can do their jobs.

This is a shortlist of the individuals you would need to grant access to your Google Search Console account:

  • Business Consultant
  • Marketing Manager
  • Content Creator
  • SEO Manager
  • Cyber Security Specialist
  • DevOps Engineer

However, it is also important to understand the different permissions that you can award to users. Not everyone deserves the same level of permission to fulfill their tasks. Some require more access, while others require less. Let us delve into this in more detail later.

How to Share Access to GSC?

Sharing access to your GSC account should be done carefully. You wouldn’t want to give total access to people you don’t know or trust. Choosing the correct permissions for each user will grant you peace of mind, knowing your sensitive data is in the right hands.

Firstly, any user you would like to share access to would need to have a Google account. Once you have their Gmail address, you can continue with the following steps.

1.      Log in to your Google Search Console account.

2.      On the Menu to the left, scroll down to the end, then choose Settings, which is third from the bottom.

3.      The account Settings will appear. Select Users and Permissions from the Settings list.

4.      The next page will show the list of users that are included in the account. To add a user, simply click the Add User button at the upper right corner of the screen.

5.      In the Add User box, type in the Google account email of the user. Then, select the type of permission you would like the person to have. Click either Full or Restricted.

6.      Once you are done assigning permission, click Add in the lower right portion.

7.      New users will not receive a notification or email that they have been added to your GSC. The person will just know it when your website shows up in their GSC account.

If you would need to change the access you have granted, simply go to Users and Permissions. There, you can toggle the permission between Full and Restricted beside the name of the user.

You can also revoke all access from a user when they are no longer part of your workforce. Just click the three dots beside their name under Users and Permissions and then choose Remove Access. After doing this, the person will no longer have access to your GSC account and any of its data.

What Types of Permissions Can You Grant to the User?

There are three different user roles in Google Search Console. Each role is granted certain permissions that will enable the user to fulfill their tasks. This also limits them from gaining access to sensitive data that you would like to keep private.

Here is a rundown of the three roles available in GSC.


The Owner role has the most permissions in the hierarchy. They have complete control over the properties in the GSC account. The Owner has access to all data available on the account. This role is reserved and should only be assigned to the real owner of the domain.

  • They have total access to the account settings. They can manage and configure settings without worry that other users can override them.
  • They can create properties on the account. After making a property, a verified owner must be assigned to it.
  • They can add or remove users from the GSC account.

Full user

Next in the hierarchy is the full user. A full user has access to everything on the GSC account. However, there are some permissions that only an owner possesses and a full user doesn’t. This role is assigned to users or the agency that will handle your website’s SEO.

  • They can view all the properties and data collected on the account.
  • A full user has the ability to disavow links. In the SEO world, this means that they can request Google to disregard harmful links that are linked to your domain. This will ensure that your search ranking will not go down because of low-quality links.
  • A full user can submit XML sitemaps to Google. The file/s forwarded will enable Google’s search engine to crawl your website more efficiently
  • A full user has the ability to index or no-index pages on your website. Indexing tells Google which pages are relevant and should be shown in the search results.
  • One of the limitations of a full user is that they cannot edit property owners.

Restricted user

A restricted user is the lowest level among the three roles in GSC. This is given to users who you would like to view your GSC.

  • A restricted user can only view the data in the GSC account.
  • They cannot perform actions on the account.
  • They cannot edit users, properties, or account settings.

In Summary

Stay in control of your company’s Google Search Console account. Understand the various permission levels in GSC so that you can decide which role to award to each user in your team or to your hired consultant or agency. As for an SEO agency you can trust, partner with Visible Webs. With our team of professionals and over a decade of expertise, rest assured that you are in safe hands. We will strive to increase your search rankings just as we did for over 300+ websites over the years. Get in touch with our experts today and experience online growth like no other!