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Boost Your Marketing With Content Brief Creation Services

Increase the quality and efficiency of your content marketing efforts with professional content brief creation services from Visible Webs. We create detailed content briefs for providing writers with clear guidelines.

Avoid revisions and produce content that ranks higher with an SEO content brief.

What Is a Content Brief?

A content brief, or copywriting brief, is a type of document designed to help writers create a piece of content. You can give writers specific instructions and guidelines related to:

  • Target keywords
  • Total word count
  • Content structure
  • Overview/description
  • Resources/links
  • Technical requirements

The content brief acts as a guide during the writing process. You can reduce the need for rewrites, incorporate keywords, and make sure that writers cover specific topics.

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Who Needs Content Briefs?

Content briefs are beneficial for any business or entrepreneur with an online presence. Using content briefs is more efficient when you need writers to follow detailed instructions.

Our content briefs are the perfect solution for virtually any type of content, including:

  • Blog posts
  • Guest posts
  • Product/service pages
  • Website copy

At Visible Webs, we frequently work with clients who are tired of spending too much on content creation without getting the returns that they want. You can stop wasting time with rewrites and revisions and publish higher-quality content.

High-quality content requires a detailed content outline. Give writers resources and links so they understand what they are writing about.

SEO content briefs are for everyone. You can get more out of each piece of content by ensuring that your writers follow your instructions.

Why Are Content Briefs Important for Businesses?

A content brief offers more information and direction compared to a short description. Giving a writer a content brief may help:

  • Save time and money
  • Minimize revisions and rewrites
  • Prevent the omission of essential info
  • Provide writers with clear direction
  • Ensure delivery deadlines
  • Build a framework for high-ranking content

Our content creation briefs save time and money by cutting down on revisions and delays. You can meet deadlines instead of pushing things back.

You also decrease the risk of omitting key information. If you want the writer to discuss a specific subtopic, you can include it in the brief and ensure that it makes it into the content.

Get things done right the first time. Give your writers a framework for creating high-ranking content with target keywords, internal links, and other search engine optimization tactics.

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Get Faster, Higher-Quality Results With Our SEO Content Briefs

Ready to enjoy the benefits of content briefs? Get ahold of us at Visible Webs to start improving your content creation process. Our SEO content briefs can speed things up and provide your writers with the right direction.

We have experience creating content briefs for various types of content and a diverse range of industries and niche markets.

Here are some of the details that we recommend including in a content brief:

  • Content outline
  • Topics and subtopics
  • Word count
  • Target keywords
  • Latent semantic indexing (LSI) keywords
  • Keyword density
  • Meta descriptions
  • Title tags

From short product descriptions to detailed white papers, you can rely on us for clear, concise briefs to help your writers create better content.

Simple Process With Fast Results

You let us know what you want from your content. We will create an efficient, easy-to-digest brief for your content creators. We work quickly so you can stay on target.

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What Does an SEO Content Brief Include?

Our SEO content briefs include everything the writer needs to know to produce a high-quality, SEO-optimized article.

Our content briefs consist of three main parts:

  • Basic data
  • SEO requirements
  • Detailed outlines

Using our content briefs helps your content rank in the search engines by ensuring that it includes your target keywords. Here is a closer look…

Basic Data

A content brief should include basic data about your business, including your target audience and market. The writer should know about your products or services and industry before starting to write.

The basic data provided in the content brief provides an overview of your website or project. These details can help shape the tone and style of the content, as the writer can better tailor the content to your key demographic and niche market.

SEO Requirements

Content briefs make it easier to incorporate SEO strategies in your content. You can include SEO requirements, such as word count and target keywords.

Search engines rely on keywords to better understand the content. Giving your writers a list of keywords allows you to make better use of your keyword research. You can add your SEO strategies to your content to achieve higher search rankings.

Detailed Outlines

We can include a detailed outline in your content brief. Detailed outlines become more important with long-form content, copywriting, and technical content. You may need to ensure that the writer discusses specific information.

A detailed outline may break the main topics and subtopics into H2 and H3 tags. Each header may also include a summary or list of details that the writer needs to cover.

Take the Hassle Out of Content Brief Creation With Visible Webs

Visible Webs is your source for content brief creation. We offer fast, reliable service to help you meet deadlines and produce better-quality content.

Explore some of the advantages of choosing us to create your content briefs:

  • Experienced SEO experts
  • One-time or ongoing services
  • Thorough keyword research
  • Easy-to-follow content briefs

We have a team of SEO engineers with extensive experience creating detailed content briefs for all types of businesses and industries. Whether you need one-time or ongoing content brief creation services, we have you covered.

You can also rely on us for related services, including thorough keyword research. Allow us to handle your search engine optimization (SEO) needs and help create more SEO-focused content.

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If you want to streamline your content creation process, start using our content briefs. Each brief contains a set of clear instructions that writers need to follow. You can list topics, subtopics, keywords, and other essential details.

Content briefs help keep your content marketing strategies on track. You can produce higher-quality content at a faster rate while incorporating best SEO practices. Our content briefs decrease the need for rewrites, as you can make sure that writers get it right the first time.

Climb the search rankings and get more out of your marketing campaigns with content brief creation services from Visible Webs.