Facebook Ads Audit

Facebook Ads Audit Service for Improved Campaigns Performance

Tired of underperforming Facebook ads? Allow us to audit your campaigns. A detailed Facebook Ads audit from Visible Webs can pinpoint issues holding you back and uncover new opportunities.

What Is a Facebook Ads Audit?

A Facebook Ads audit involves analyzing the performance of your Facebook marketing and advertising efforts. It is a complete and comprehensive analysis of everything that is happening with your Facebook advertising campaigns. 

In an audit, we analyze all the metrics related to your ad campaigns, which include what results you’re getting and how much it is costing you. An in-depth audit also investigates the strategies you’re using, which advertising tools you’re using, and the audiences you’re targeting.

Why Does Your Business Need a Facebook Ad Account Audit?

Facebook Ads provide a cost-effective option for targeting specific demographics. Unfortunately, not all campaigns provide the results that you want. You may fail to attract enough interest in your ad.

If you have noticed a decrease in engagement and impression, you likely need to make changes to your ad campaigns. An audit can help determine which changes you need to make.

Explore a few of the reasons why your business needs to schedule a Facebook ad account audit:

  • Identify and reduce wasted spending
  • Improve ongoing Facebook Ads management
  • Identify critical errors and issues
  • Highlight areas for optimization
  • Uncover new opportunities

When we audit Facebook Ads, we look for issues that may result in wasted spending, such as ads that fail to attract qualified leads. Reducing wasteful ad spending improves your return on investment.

You can also rely on us for ways to improve your ongoing Facebook management process. We can provide suggestions for getting better results from future campaigns. We also provide suggestions for improving ad copies and the visual elements used in your ads.

An important part of a Facebook ad account audit involves looking for critical errors. We identify issues that are more likely to hurt your ability to reach your target audience. This includes technical issues that may violate policies and result in penalties from Facebook.

Throughout the audit process, we also highlight areas for optimization and uncover new opportunities. We can find ways to improve your targeted metrics, including sales, CPA, ROAS, audience reach, and more.

Improving your ad copies, changing ad types, and adjusting your ad settings can help boost engagement and conversions. You can get more out of your ad spending and grow your business online.

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Check the Effectiveness of Your Advertising With Our Facebook Ads Audit

Many business owners and entrepreneurs struggle to assess the return on their advertising spending. Analyzing the effectiveness of your advertising can help determine where to use your ad budget.

At Visible Webs, we have a four-step process for evaluating your Facebook Ads campaigns:

  • Technical issues checking
  • Campaign analysis and recommendations
  • Facebook page analysis
  • Potential opportunities

Here’s a closer look at our Facebook marketing audit methods.

1. Technical Issues Checking

Our team checks Facebook Pixel and other technical details related to your Facebook page and ads.

The Facebook Pixel is a useful piece of code added to your website for tracking the results of your Facebook Ads campaigns. It can help you track and optimize the performance of your ads after users click on the ads, and can provide more information on how people are interacting with your website. However, failing to properly implement the Facebook Pixel can keep you from tracking your progress.

Along with verifying that the Facebook Pixel works, we check events tracking and domain verification.

Domain verification provides a way for you to claim that you are the owner of a domain. Events tracking is used to track conversions. A low conversion rate can indicate that you need to make changes to the ad campaigns, as a portion of your clicks is wasted.

2. Campaign Analysis and Recommendations

The next stage of the audit involves checking the structure of your ad account and audience funnels. We also analyze the performance of previous campaigns to gain a better sense of what works best for your business.

We also take a deep dive into the details of each campaign, including the budget, the ad copy, ad placements, and much more.

As with SEO keyword research, the text in your ad campaigns needs to be relevant to the products or services that you are promoting. As part of your audit, we analyze the ad copywriting and images to ensure that they connect with your target demographic.

3. Facebook Page Analysis

We audit Facebook page layouts, designs, messaging, and other details. We thoroughly analyze your Facebook page and provide recommendations on what you can improve or change to better appeal to your target audience.

The choices that you make on your Facebook page can impact the effectiveness of your ads. You want to ensure that you present the right image. Your choice of images, colors, and text can create a specific impression and influence the way that people perceive your business. Allow us to complete a Facebook page audit to determine whether your page needs to be updated before running your next ad campaign.

4. Potential Opportunities

Our audit concludes with recommendations for new campaigns, targeted audience, quick wins, and long-term strategy implementation. Our goal is to find the best opportunities for making better use of Facebook advertising.

We can help determine whether you are targeting the right demographics for your services or products. We can also examine your campaign structure, including ad text and image relevance and ad copywriting.

Get a Clear Action Plan Following Your Facebook Ads Audit

After the audit is complete, the team at Visible Webs compiles the information and recommendations for you to review. Each client gets:

  • A deep report with detailed analysis, solutions, suggestions, and recommendations
  • Recommendations on marketing funnels
  • Recommendations around campaign structure
  • Recommendations on how to improve the Facebook page
  • Recommendations around new opportunities and quick wins

Our recommendations cover all areas of your Facebook Ads campaigns, including your Facebook page and marketing funnels. Most ads direct users to dedicated ad landing pages. Each landing page needs a clear message and a strong call to action (CTA) to convert more visitors.

We can provide recommendations for your landing pages and marketing funnels. Avoid letting a significant portion of your visitors leave without completing the desired action, such as filling out a signup form or completing a purchase.

Your detailed report also provides a complete set of suggestions for taking advantage of new opportunities. We may uncover keywords that your competition has yet to incorporate into their ads and other methods for boosting the success of your campaigns.

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Take Your Campaigns to the Next Level With Our Facebook Ads Audit

A Facebook Ads audit is the perfect solution for getting more out of your digital marketing efforts. You can maximize your reach and attract more customers. When you choose us to complete the audit, you can also enjoy the following benefits:

  • 100% manual account audits
  • 100% customized solutions
  • 100% dedication from our marketing specialists

At Visible Webs, we complete all audits manually instead of relying on scripts or automated tools. A manual audit allows us to dig deeper into your campaigns. We can better analyze each detail of your ads to find room for improvement.

We also provide 100% customized audits. We do not use a one-size-fits-all approach. You receive suggestions based on your unique business requirements and marketing goals. We use the same approach for the rest of our services, including SEO audits.

All work is completed by our team of experienced marketing specialists. Our experts understand every aspect of Facebook Ads and have worked with a wide range of niches.

Along with completing an audit of your Facebook Ads, we can manage them. Allow us to create and manage a Facebook Ads campaign that exceeds your expectations.


Facebook Ads can help you reach a much wider audience. Compared to other forms of digital advertising, Facebook Ads are often cost-effective. However, creating and managing a successful Facebook ad campaign is not always straightforward.

Hiring Visible Webs to audit your Facebook ads can help identify the issues keeping you from getting the results that you want. We can help you avoid wasteful ad spending and critical errors.

Our Facebook audits include a detailed look at your ads, including the ad copy and images. We examine how the ad engages with your target audience and analyze key metrics to find new advertising opportunities.

If you want to get more out of your advertising, consider arranging an audit of your Facebook Ads account. Let us improve your campaign so you can grow your business and customer base.