Google Ads PPC Audit

Google Ads Audit for Better ROI From Your Google Ads Campaigns

Low conversions got you down? Arrange a Google Ads campaign audit to increase the success of your PPC ads. The team at Visible Webs can help eliminate wasteful spending and locate new opportunities for optimizing your campaigns.

What Is a Google Ads Audit?

A Google Ads campaign audit includes a detailed review of your current ad campaigns. Our audits include a thorough analysis of potential technical issues, including conversion tracking, merchant center, Google Analytics set-up check, etc. We also analyze campaign settings, keywords, and much more.

After analyzing your ads, account, and landing pages, we create a comprehensive report with solutions and suggestions. We offer recommendations for improving your campaigns and solving any problems getting in the way of your success.

Why Does Your Business Need a Google AdWords Audit?

Google Ads should help people discover your business. If your ads fail to drive high-converting traffic to your landing pages, you may need to optimize your campaigns.

Here are a few of the reasons why your business may need a Google Ads audit:

  • Identify and reduce wasted ad spending
  • Locate new opportunities
  • Optimize existing campaigns
  • Boost your return on investment

Over 9 billion searches are completed on Google each day. Many of those search results include advertisements from Google Ads (formerly Google AdWords). The right strategies are needed to get more potential leads to click on your ads.

Low conversion rates can also limit the value of a PPC campaigns. You waste ad dollars every time that you fail to convert a user that clicks on an ad.

Our audits help identify the reasons for low click-through rates (CTRs) and low conversions. We can optimize your campaigns, ensuring that you get a better return.

Contact us to set up an audit for your Google Ads campaigns.

Check Your Account Health With Our Google Ads Audit

At Visible Webs, we offer an honest appraisal of your advertising efforts. We have a three-step process for auditing your Google Ads campaigns:

  • Technical issues checking
  • Campaign analysis
  • Solutions & suggestions

Our auditing process includes a thorough look at your campaign settings and performance. Here is a closer look at how we examine the health of your account and campaigns.

1. Technical Issues Checking

We start our audit by searching for technical issues. Some of the technical aspects that we look at include:

  • Site speed
  • Conversion tracking
  • Merchant center account
  • Google Analytics tracking

These issues lower your Ad Rank, which is a value Google uses to determine the placement of ads. A low Ad Rank may keep your ads from appearing at the top of search results. It may even keep your ads from appearing at all.

Ad Rank is based on many factors, including your campaign settings. However, the quality of your landing page can hurt your score.

You also need to ensure that you have the appropriate tracking code to track conversions and visitor behavior. We add Google Analytics code to your landing page for tracking visitors that click on your ads. The metrics that we gain from the tracking code offer insight into optimizing your campaigns and improving conversion rates.

2. Campaign Analysis

The second stage of our audit includes a detailed campaign analysis. We examine every area of your Google PPC campaigns, including:

  • Campaign settings
  • Campaign and ad group structure
  • Keywords’ match types and grouping
  • Ad copies and creatives
  • Ad extensions
  • Targeting bid adjustments

Choosing the wrong campaign settings can hurt your conversions and click-through rates. One of the most important settings is your campaign goal.

The goal that you select helps Google better understand who to deliver your ad to. Common goals include increasing leads, sales, website traffic, brand awareness, and local store visits.

We also review your campaigns and ad groups structure. Ads are typically grouped based on keywords, goals, and landing pages.

Our audits also provide an analysis of your ad copies and other creative elements, such as images or videos for visual ads. Poor ad copies may limit click-through rates by making your advertisements less appealing. Sending the wrong message could also attract the wrong type of user, resulting in lower conversions and more wasted ad spending.

3. Solutions & Suggestions

The third stage of the audit includes solutions and suggestions. We give you recommendations for improving your existing campaigns, resolving existing problems, and launching new campaigns.

Get Your Roadmap Following a Google Ads Audit

The audit is just one aspect of our service. After completing the audit, we give you a roadmap for getting more out of your PPC campaigns.

You receive a detailed report with a deep analysis of your campaigns. The report will include solutions, suggestions, and recommendations on how to improve your Google Ads performance.

The recommendations include specific steps for achieving your digital marketing objectives. Whether you want to boost brand recognition, generate more leads, or increase sales, we can help fine-tune your campaigns to get the results that you want.

We also provide suggestions that go beyond Google Ads, such as recommendations for other aspects of your online presence and digital marketing. Our recommendations may include ideas for your website or changes to your advertising strategies.

Level-Up Your Campaigns With Our Google AdWords Audit

Visible Webs is an experienced AdWords PPC audit agency. We have completed numerous audits for businesses of all sizes across a wide range of niche markets. No matter the size of your business or ad campaign, we can help fine-tune your advertising strategy to deliver a better ROI.

Advantages of choosing Visible Webs for your Google AdWords audit include:

  • Audits are completed by certified and experienced PPC specialists
  • Our specialists have experience with large and small Google Ads accounts
  • We provide 100% manual account audits
  • We provide 100% customized solutions for each client

Visible Webs has a crew of skilled PPC experts ready to complete your audit. We complete audits manually without the use of any scripts or automated tools. Our hands-on approach ensures a more detailed analysis of your campaigns.

We also provide a custom strategy for each client. We do not use a one-size-fits-all strategy. Our suggestions are tailored to your needs and the results of the audit.

Along with Google PPC audits, we provide a wide range of SEO solutions, including on-site SEO implementation and SEO audits. The SEO score of your landing pages may impact conversions from PPC ads. We can address these areas to boost your chances of success.

Start Searching for Opportunities

A Google Ads audit can help uncover potential issues with your existing ad campaigns. Your ad copy, keywords, and bidding strategy can impact your ability to attract the right type of visitors.

Allow the team at Visible Webs to analyze and optimize your campaigns. We can help you get more from your advertising campaigns.