Keyword Research

SEO Keyword Research Service

Keywords are what the whole SEO mostly turns around. When someone wants to find anything on the Internet, they type a search query in a search bar. In an SEO world this search query is called a keyword or a keyword phrase (for 2+ words).

Whether you want a potential customer/visitor to come across your website when they look for a product you sell or service you offer, your website should contain proper keywords.

No keywords = > no SEO => no rankings => no visitors = > no business 🙁

But how do you know what keywords you should use? What if nobody searches for your service or product the way you imagine they do? What about the intention? What if people call your product/service different?

All you need to stop being harassed by these questions is quality SEO keyword research done by true experts.

Discover the Perfect Keywords for Your Business With Visible Webs

Visible Webs is an experienced SEO and PPC services provider that has performed hundreds of  keyword researches for a variety of niches. We use special keyword research tools and our own methodology lets us dig as deep as possible to find the keywords that would potentially convert well. We can handle any type of keywords research you require: 

  • Standard
    E-commerce websites mainly. No clustering, segmenting, just keywords, monthly search volumes and keyword difficulty.
  • Multilingual
    For multilingual websites. Keywords research is done for every language and location separately.
  • Full niche (clustered)
    Includes keyword grouping, search volumes and keyword difficulty.

Let’s look closer at our keyword research service features:

BusinessFrom small local service to entire industry with millions of keywords
FunnelingGrouping, keyword difficulty, intention match
SegmentingCommercial (transnational) and informational (blog post ideas)
Timeframe3-7 business days, depending on the niche
ReleaseWill include your seed keywords, keywords you currently rank for, top competitor
keywords, keyword suggestions, etc.

* – the only limit is common sense

Effective keyword research requires the below information from you. And our keyword research SEO experts will do all the rest of the job.

  • A list of seed keywords (3-30 words/phrases)
    Seed keywords are those you associate with your business and feel like ranking for in Google. These are the search queries you think people (should) type in the search bar and come across your website.
  • A list of up to 5 competitors
    Those in your niche and location, whose websites you know rank well. Ideally direct competitors are the ones offering the same products / services. Marketplaces like Amazon / Ebay are not direct competitors for product vendors, etc.
  • Comments
    Any specific things you want us to consider.

Whether you want to keep working with us and use one of our monthly plans, we’ll add your keywords to the rank tracker and monitor the positions regularly. So what are you waiting for?