Penalty Recovery

Manual link-related Penalty removal

In a majority of situations, you will know that you have a Google manual penalty applied. Google spam team constantly checks high ranking websites and makes sure they fall under Google guidelines. It is believed that any users can report spam, paid links, or other sneaky tactics that trigger Google spam teams to review your website and issue a penalty if found enough evidence.

Unlike automatically applied algorithmic penalties such as Penguin, Google Manual penalty is 100% clear to detect and you definitely know when the penalty is revoked too.

What does Google Manual Penalty look like?

When you get a manual penalty – you receive a message about it in your mail and in Google Search Console messages tab. There have been situations of not getting messages but having a penalty applied. Therefore we recommend checking your manual actions tab in Google Webmaster Tools regularly. 

A picture like this means that you are okay. 

Unfortunately, anything different than that means you are in trouble:

Some webmasters don’t take it seriously until they see a significant drop in rankings and organic traffic. It often takes about 1-3 weeks after you get a message to see how much exactly you lose.

Hint: There is absolutely no sense in waiting to see what you lose after you get a Google manual penalty. Truth is: you have been busted and the faster you take action, the less painful the consequences will be.

What to do when you are penalized?

We have never heard about any alternative method of revoking manual penalty, rather than doing what Google expects you to do. Even if you stop or turn around your link building strategy from creating sneaky links to only natural links – the penalty is there. There’s only one way out: you need to find out what your low quality (toxic) links are and do whatever is possible to remove them, disavow the rest and request to review your website again and revoke the penalty.

There are a lot of outstanding examples and guidelines that you can follow to successfully lift it:

However, if you lack experience and knowledge, it can be too time-consuming to study all these guides and send those numerous emails to Google. Or even if you are an experienced guy, please be assured of the failure always waiting for you round the corner. So, instead of wasting your time we recommend delegating this job to specialists providing Google penalty recovery services.

What happens when a penalty is removed?

Whether you’ve decided to work your way on your own or follow our advice and use a professional Google penalty removal service, you should know what happens next.
After backlink cleanup took place and the reconsideration request was filled, it will take about 2-3 weeks to get a response from Google. In case of positive result there will be a message like this:

In about 50-60% of the situations your organic traffic and rankings recover in 2-3 days. For the rest of the cases, it takes time until the next Penguin update to see it.

Remember about  different options for how you can organize the Google manual penalty removal process: this work can be conducted on your own, by an internal SEO department, or a company like ours specialized on Google penalty recovery works.

By hiring Visible Webs you will get high-experienced people to handle it – this means less time and more chances for success. And it is much likely that we can do it at less price and higher quality than most of the service providers.

Free Penalty Check

We are here to provide professional Google penalty recovery service. In addition, to prove our level we are ready to perform a backlink profile and organic traffic audit to find out if your website has been affected by algorithmic or manual penalty.

Use our contact form to inquire for a free (no obligation) penalty check.

Back Link Removal Service

We offer backlink cleanup as a service. If you know your backlink profile has been affected by low-quality links, but there is no direct evidence of being hit by Penguin and you were not affected by manual penalty it is a very good idea to perform backlink clean-up before it happens.

Fighting negative SEO

Unfortunately, there are a lot of cruel competitors and dirty-playing SEO companies out there. They want to use all possible ways to either lower down your Google results or apply some black-hat SEO tricks without your knowledge, in case you are their client. While Google is doing its best to fight negative SEO, by now creating low quality links pointing at your website can decrease your rankings.

Performing a backlink audit is the best way to protect yourself – and when you witness spikes of new backlinks in your site explorer tool, it is time to be proactive.

The Link Cleaning

Modern SEO demands regular backlink audits and clean-ups. Our experience shows that toxic links do continue to appear, and there are different reasons for it:

  • Negative SEO
  • Directories parsing each other
  • Old pages with negative links getting indexed by Google
  • Websites turn off and turn off, webmasters turn on /off rel = no follow

Making sure that your backlink profile is as clean as possible is the best SEO strategy.

At Visible Webs we do backlink clean-ups every day and we are ready to help ASAP.

Penguin Penalty Removal Service

First deployed on April 24, 2012, Google Penguin is an algorithmic (automatic) penalty aiming at websites violating Google Webmaster Guidelines by manipulating backlinks mainly. Since that time, there have been many  updates, during which a number of websites were penalized or got out of Penalty.
The typical grounds for Google Penguin Penalty are:

  • Unnatural links
  • Keyword staffing

How to detect Google Penguin penalty

Unlike Google manual penalty, Penguin is not that obvious to detect. According to Google web-spam team officials, there is no definite way to detect what algorithmic penalty was applied to your website. However, practice shows that there are obvious conditions to be penalized by it, such as:

  1. Backlinks from low quality backlinks, that have been built with manipulative intentions
  2. Backlink profile has many links with anchor text commercial keywords
  3. Website has suddenly dropped down the search engine rankings
  4. No message about getting manual penalty at Google Webmaster Tool
  5. Rankings and organic traffic drop has happened on the day when Google updated Penguin
  6. While there was a rapid drop in Google, rankings in other search engines such as Bing stayed unchanged

Our proven record of positive results

We make your rankings jump up and back to where they have been before you were hit.

Here are just some of our client’s rankings graphs during the last updates.

Penguin 3.0 — October 18, 2014:

Penguin 3.1 – December 6, 2014:

What do we do to make a SEO penalty recovery?

We do exactly what Google wants you to do to recover from Penguin:

  • Manually review backlink profile combined from multiple sources and define what links are toxic
  • Use software to contact webmasters to remove toxic links
  • File a disavow to let Google know about the rest of the links

No one can predict when a new Penguin is coming, but the sooner the link-cleaning is done, the more chances there are to get out. Please note that it might need a couple of updates to be all the way out (depends on how many toxic links you had).

Anyway, VisibleWebs is always here to help you at affordable prices. You will never regret dealing with us! Just let us know you need help! 

We will recover your website from Google penalty. Guaranteed!

With years of proven experience, we are confident to provide Google penalty removal as a service. Our team has convinced so many website owners with positive results, that we can GUARANTEE successful link-related penalty removal. We will not stop until we get your Manual or Penguin penalty lifted!

We do not stick to your wallet demanding regular payments. You got an issue – we come and fix it. Simple as that!

Proven Google penalty recovery. What is the secret?

The secret is in thorough MANUAL backlink profile review and doing everything exactly as Google is expecting you to do.

By delegating this work on us, you will save your time and increase chances to 100%. Since we do it on a daily basis, we will do it faster and at less price!

How do we do it?

Every situation is unique and we do not use a cookie-cutter approach. While our business process looks typical, we pay attention to your website situation and communicate with you as much as possible.

  1. Preparation stage
    We study your situation and find out which link anchor text is good and which is considered aggressive
  2. Manual backlink profile review
    We aggregate backlink profiles from all possible sources: Google Webmaster Tool, AHREFS, Majestic SEO, Moz OSE.
    Yes we actually open each page with a link pointing at your site and check out if it is safe or not. Along with that, we have our knowledge base, a set of tools and methodology to make sure nothing is missed.
  3. Webmaster reach out and link removal
    We use a software to find out contacts, reach out to all webmasters, and ask them to remove links accordingly.
    We believe that this stage is necessary even with algorithmic Penguin penalty.
  4. Filing disavow and reconsideration requests
    Reconsideration is done for Manual penalty. Sometimes it takes a couple of tries, but we often get a Penalty Revocation letter from the very first try!
    In case of Penguin we recommend and do another backlink review and clean-up in 2-3 month to make sure that by the time of the next Penguin update your website is as clean as possible.
    We provide comprehensive reporting on every stage.

The results

When Manual penalty is lifted, you will receive a revocation letter from Google:

With algorithmic Penguin penalty, you will see rapid growth in rankings on the date of the next algorithm update:

How much does an SEO audit cost?